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This is the web cam in my bedroom. The first picture will update every 10 sec, if the camera is on The pictures on the bottom are the last 10 pictures saved on my server when you loaded this page.  These pictures will not update unless you refresh your screen and reload the newest ones.  DougMM

; Registration code (if you have it); URL link(optional) when clicked; Reglink opened in new frame?; Name of new frame for reglink; resolution (1-8); Delay between frames reload; WebCam image location; Statusbar message; speed of fade (1-255); Progresive fading ("YES" or "NO"); Optional image over applet; Over image X offset; Over image Y offset; Memory deallocation delay; Task priority (1..10); Min. milliseconds/frame for sync Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java   

Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).


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