The House is Done!!!!

HAY   what's up with that "Shiter" in my front yard!!!!

The home I am having built is The Lariat by Centex Homes.   It makes the best use of space (1682sqft) and has just about everything I have been looking for (Three large - "usable" bed rooms, not a lot of wasted space in hall ways and $$).  It will be built in the Speyside "Harris Branch" neighborhood just east of Samsung on Parmer Lane.  From I35 go east on Parmer Lane past Dell and than Samsung, It will be the first neighborhood on the right past Samsung. Turn right at the stop light after Samsung.


This is the back yard, with the sod.

This is the front yard with the landscaping. 

My kitchen 3/8/03 almost done!!!

My Kitchen getting a fresh coat of paint.

This is my house as of 2-1-03

Closing is set for Mar 21-03.

Now I have something that is starting to look like a house!! 1-09-03..

This is the back of the house, I have been worried about having such a tall patio, and how it will look.  Right now it is still hard to see the final product.

My Wood is Standing!!, I've got Wood 1-06-03...

Friday 7:30am Jan-03-03..

Thursday Jan-02-03..

The foundation should be finished Jan-03-03.  You can also see the wood for my house in the picture below, Look behind the forms...

After five weeks of waiting, the construction of my house has started!! 11-23-02.  It is now 1-02-03 and My lot still looks about the same.  We had a lot of rain over the last few months and that has slowed things down.  It now looks like I will have the foundation done by the end of this week!!!

Click on the picture below to see a larger version.

Covered patio

My lot is on an incline and the back of my house is going to be a lot higher than this picture of the same house (the picture on the left).  I will have to have steps down from the patio into to back yard.  I will have the steps going down to the yard on the left side of the patio and the other two sides of the Patio will have hand rails per code.  You can see why I will need steps down to the back yard (the picture on the right is my lot).

Oct 11, 2002

This is the empty lot I have chosen for the House.  It is one of the larger lots in the Community and backs up to a walkway with a stream in the green belt.

Click Here to see my Lot Plot Plan

This is what the lot will look like with the house on it.

These are some pictures of the same floor plan that I am having built.  I will post the pictures of my house as it progresses. I like the look of this Lariat, so I am using the same brick and trim colors for my house.

Living Room

Island kitchen

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