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RIP Stanley 12-24-02  9-4-06

Your daddy loves you little boy!

Stanley had not been eating well after I switched his food to low-fat, for-overweight-dogs food (same brand, just different product in the same line).  I thought he didn’t like that food and I ended up switching him back to his original food after about a week.  Then he stopped eating that food as well.  He wasn’t acting his normal energetic self either.  I took him to the vet on Saturday, 9/02/06, they ran numerous tests on him.  His liver values were very high as well as he was extremely anemic. The diagnosis was Auto Immune Disease.   The vet suggested a blood transfusion but I decided to try the medication route. I got him to eat some prescription canned food that afternoon around 1:00 PM, he took his meds (antibiotic, Prednisone, vitamin supplement).  Around 8:00 that evening, he wasn’t feeling any better so I took him to the Emergency Clinic for the blood transfusion.  His ‘count’ at that time was 6.  Normal is around 50, anything under 15 is not life sustaining. They transfused him and by Sunday morning his count was up to 17.  They wanted to wait to see if his count would go up to 18 or 19 on his own, which would prove that his own body was generating red blood cells.  By Sunday afternoon, it dropped to 13 and Sunday night it was down to 10.  I got a call around 2:30 AM Monday 9/4/06 that he had collapsed, they suspected a blood clot somewhere and were going in for surgery.  I rushed to the Emergency Room but did not make it in time.  I received the call that he had passed away on the way to the Clinic.  I was absolutely devastated and heartbroken.  Stanley was my buddy, my best friend!  He wasn’t even 4 years old, this was not supposed to happen to him…

I know he is gone but I can't stop hoping he will be waiting at the door for me when I get home from work.  If you have a Corgi Please do me a favor and give them a big hug and kiss, you'll never know when it will be the last one.



Hi, it’s me…Stanley.  Dis is an ex-plan-ashun of why I gots duck-tape on my face and paws.  On da Friday befores Easter (my FAV’RIT holiday cuz of da bunnies!) I gotted CORGI-NAPPED!!!  Yep, dats rite….you heard me, CORGI-NAPPED!!!!  While my daddy wuz at work, mommy and Marissa comed over to daddy’s howz.  They played a trick on my daddy!!  Mommy took duck-tape and put masking tape (whatever dat is!) on da back so’s it wudn’t sticks to my fur and hurts.  She putted it around my face and hands and taked pictoors of me wif daddys camera.  Then they writed daddy a ‘ransom’ note and putted it on his door so he wud see it when he comed home frum work.  Mommy and Marissa was reelly laffin’ hard da hole time…I was too!!  Da ransom note sed to bring 20 dollars and go to mommy’s hows in Ploogerbill.  Daddy comed home frum work and I wuzn’t at da door barkin’ at him. He looked all over da howz and didn’t find me.  Then he see’d da note and da pictoors!!  When he called mommy, she telled him I wuz over at her howz playin’ spend da nite wif my sistah Chloe.  We had a reelly fun time and we gotted daddy SO good!!!!!!  Ya know, daddy never paid mommy da 20 dollar ransom…..she may haf to come Corgi-nap me agin!!!!

The links below are videos of lord Stanley playing with my brush.

Video one                Video two

Stanley and the deer video click here!

Deer video 2


Clicky Bug getter 1!      Two more Stanley videos     Clicky Bug getter 2!

Hello I'm Lord Stanley (The NHL Stanley Pup!).

Click Here to see a quick video of Me!



 This is Chloe & Stanley's Corgi web page!!

Hello, it's me...Chloe....I is guardin' my Chrissmuss pwesent!!  I gotted to make sure that my sneeky lil' ferret brothers don't run off wif my pwesent bag!!   While I was guardin' it, I decided to takes a lil'peek in the bag to see what Santy Paws gotted me for Chrissmuss.  (I THOUGHT mom and dad was lookin' the other way but they caughted me red-pawed, big-time peekin' in my pwesent!!!  OOPS! ) Be sure to click on each seperate picture and you can watch the four lil' videos that they taked of me REEELY peekin' in my Chrissmuss pwesents.  I gotted kinda scared when the bag tried to BITE me...but bein' the brave lil' Corgi that I am, I still gotted my pwesent out of the bag anyways!!!  Oh yeah, I also hads to warn everyone nots to gets too close cause they might get bited TOO (you'll see that in the videos!)



Look into my eyes,  I am "The BOOO DOG" Oct 2002.

Booo Dog Video 1    Booo Dog video 2




Shelby and puppies born 12/13/2002

Princess Sabrina Sneakers


Pool party at Aunt Jamie's with Shelby, Sydney & Sabrina

Sabrina, Shelby, Sydney        -      Aunt Jamie & All the Girls

Pictures from the Corgi’s 2nd birthday party.

Hey, You been eating birfday cake?!?  -


Princess Sabrina Laughing Party Girl!


               Alien EARS!!               We is DONE party is OVER MOM

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