Please follow these instructions and let me know of any problems you have with this setup.  I know some of the Album dates are incorrect and I'm working on that now.  (Update: the album dates are the dates the CD was released, not the date of the album).  

Email  All errors to me here!

My Server will stream music over the Internet to your WinAmp or Windows Media player.  Install WinAmp now it's FREE and kicks the shit out of windows MP.

        Start WinAmp and add this URL under "File - Play URL" include the hole link including the http!   WinAmp has to be connected to server before going to the next step!  WinAmp May ask you for user name and password.  Enter it like this "but use the correct user name and password"  username:password

        Windows Media Player is the same as WinAmp.  Fell free to use that if you would like.

        Launch the Server web interface by opening this web page Click Here!  You will be asked for the user name and password. You should then see the SlimServer control panel.

Please note:  There will be a delay in every action you perform, you are using the web to communicate with my MP3Server.

        Use the left pane of the Server web interface to browse and select files and play lists to be played. When music is selected, it will appear in the right pane of the web interface.  The only control you will have with WinAmp is the Volume.

        Click on "Play" in the right pane of the Server web interface to launch the music.

        After a couple of seconds, you will hear music playing through your WinAmp software player. (The delay is due to buffering with WinAmp.)

        To change the content playing, use the Server web interface on your PC.


At this point I have over 90G of MP3's loaded on this server, If you don't like what is on the sever send me your MP3's and I will  load them on the server.  I have over 200G of free space on this server, lets see how long that lasts!


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