Tunes for our Stang's

Demolet=Tunable Induction CAI, "Click here for Details".

BamaChips info "Click here for Details".

SCT DownLoad page.

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1. Demolet CAI 87Oct.

2. Demolet CAI 91Oct.

3. Demolet CAI 93Oct.

4. Demolet CAI Off_Road 87Oct.

5. Demolet CAI Off_Road 91Oct.

6. Demolet CAI Off_Road 93Oct.

7. BamaChips Performance Tune Demolet CAI Off_Road 87Oct.

8. Demolet CAI Off_Road&CMDelete 87Oct.

9. Demolet CAI Off_Road&CMDelete 91Oct.

10. Demolet CAI Off_Road&CMDelete 93Oct.

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